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Eline Pajot, in the intimacy of Perfume......

Eline Pajot has a great experience in the world of beauty, where she practiced marketing and cosmetics and perfumes development for international brands during 15 years, going from mass-market retailing to perfume creation companies: l'Oréal, Henkel Cosmetics, Lancaster, then at the leader of perfume creation IFF.

After an additional training at ISIP (International Upper Perfume Institute) in 2000, Eline Pajot, mother of three children, found her way, little by little, in a more intimate sphere, returning to the core of perfume.

Very intuitive with the marriage of senses, she creates her own company called " Autour du Parfum " in 2002.

Recombining the senses of touch, taste, sight and smell, she also offers customized olfactive signatures, from a collection of perfume creations and perfumed materials.

" Poetry in Perfume " is the name of her first collection, like the poets Eline Pajot chose, her inspirations are intimate, she calls them her " life memory "…

In September 2006, she creates her private collection around " the History in Perfumes", perfumes based on authentic recipes drawn from the heritage of perfumery History.

For more than 10 years, she makes us travel through her creations.

Her collections are distributed in more than 100 selling points throughout France and foreign countries.

Eline Pajot seduces by her original approach, appealing to the emotion that we all have within ourselves.


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